Frequently Asked Questions

Before directly contacting Woodlands Exiles for support, please read over some of these Frequently Asked Questions to see if the answer you are seeking could be among these questions.

How much does the Conan Exiles game cost to purchase?

In the Microsoft Store, Conan Exiles usually costs $49.99, however it is currently ON SALE for only $19.99. If you have Game Pass Ultimate, Conan Exiles is FREE to download and play!

Is there a minimum age requirement to play on the Woodlands Exiles servers?

We ask that our players be 13 years of age or older, however there is no true way to regulate this rule. We plan to offer private password protected 18+ servers in the near future.

Are Woodlands Exiles Conan servers available to play on Steam?

Currently, we do not host any Steam Powered Conan Exiles servers. However, we do have plans to branch out into the Steam Conan Empire should our Xbox based Conan Network prove to be popular.

Does Woodlands Exiles support console cross-play with Windows 10 Microsoft Store?

Currently, our server do not support cross-play with other consoles or with the Microsoft Store Windows 10 version of the Conan Exiles game. We were hoping it would work, but currently it does not.

What kind of Support does Woodland Exiles provide to their players?

Our team of administrators provide premium level support to all of our players. You may use the ticket system, chat with us on Discord, and for emergencies or billing questions you may call us toll free.

I like helping others, how can I become an admin on Woodlands Exiles servers?

Currently, we are not looking for additional Conan Exiles admins. However, keep an eye on our Discord should we happen to be looking for admins any time in the future as the servers get more populated.

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