How To Connect

Follow the instructions below to register and connect to the Woodlands Exiles network of Conan Exiles servers on the Xbox & Microsoft platform.

Woodlands Exiles
Connection Guideline

Woodlands Exiles aims to bring a better community gaming experience to the Conan Exiles game. We have setup custom coded, managed & actively monitored Conan Servers for our players to enjoy.

1. Get Conan Exiles

If you don't already have Conan Exiles, you can purchase it from the Microsoft Store for $19.99 currently on sale, usually $49.99. If you have Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate, the game is free to download and play any time.


2. Connect to Our Servers

Connect to our Conan Exiles servers. Simply search for "WOODLANDS" in the search bar with all maps and all modes selected. We run two servers currently with Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah maps. Choose one and connect.

Connection Info

3. Join Our Discord

Connect with our entire community of over 5,000+ players spanning multiple games and multiple platforms. All of our admins also provide real-time chat support over Discord.

Join Discord

4. Register Your Character

Register your character with us so that our team of admins can provide faster and better support to you when you need it. Registering only takes a few moments, but saves admins tons of time!

Register Character

Register Your Character

Use the form below to register your character. By registering your character, you give the administrators a leg up on assisting you if you ever need help while playing. Everyone who plays on Woodlands Exiles should register.

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Connection Info

This is what your search screen should show for the Woodlands Exiles Conan servers.