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Woodlands Exiles is a Conan Exiles gaming community operated by Woodlands Gaming. A company started in 2018 dedicated to building friendly and trusted gaming communities for players to truly enjoy.

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Building A Better conan exiles community experience

Woodlands Exiles aims to bring a better community gaming experience to the Conan Exiles game. We have setup custom coded, managed & actively monitored Conan Servers for our players to enjoy.

Free to Play

All of our gaming communities include public free-to-play servers so that those who cannot support the community can still enjoy playing within it.

rules enforced

All of our rules are strictly enforced. If you have proof another player has violated a rule, please contact us right away so we can take action.

active admins

Our team of friendly and fair administrators check the servers daily to make sure they are clean and that things run smoothly for our great community.


We offer private servers to players who want a private place for their friends to join and play with them without public player annoyance.

in-game support

Woodlands Gaming offers in-game support by our trusted administrators, simply open a ticket if you are having any issues with our communities.

reward drops

We offer a variety of reward packs and different ways contribute to maintaining the costs of keeping the servers online.

our community

We deploy gaming communities with a goal of creating a family friendly place where mature players help mature players enjoy and play games of their choosing. We manage many communities for other games, and on other game platforms.


Read a bit about the two friends who started the Woodlands Gaming Network.

CEO & Founder


Serin is CEO & Founder of Woodlands Gaming.
He enjoys playing Destiny 2 and being a single dad.



KC is CTO & Founder of Woodlands Gaming.
He enjoys fishing and helping people in need.


Our Conan Exiles Xbox servers are run through the gPortal game server hosting platform. Compatible with Windows & Xbox. We use Stripe and PayPal for honest & secure payment processing.